FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

What is Mediastork?

Mediastork is a server application that lets you manage all your media files. Including; Music, Movies, Games & Pictures. Mediastork is the future for your personal media management. It has the ability to store your files and make them available remotely.

What makes Mediastork different than the others?

You can use Mediastork as a webapplication that will allow you to access your files anywhere in the world.

How would I access Mediastork remotely?

If you have your computer/server on a decent cable/dsl or higher connection you can stream your files through an internet browser by just going to the url of your computer/server. So you can listen to your music collection on another computer without copying or transferring your music.

Why would I want to access Mediastork remotely?

Mediastork users use the application to access their files at (for example) work, during lunch breaks, at their families house, when on vacation, etc. No more transferring files to cellphones or other media storage devices just 1 internet address and your set.

Which File Formats does Mediastork recognize?

The great thing is that you can add your own media extensions. This will allow you to use the system for future file formats. Mediastork comes standard with the following formats: AVI, MKV, OGM, OGG, MP3, MPG, VOB, INFO, ratDVD, SMD, GC, SMC, etc.

How much does Mediastork cost?

Mediastork is totally FREE but donations are always appreciated for futher development.

Is Mediastork hard to install?

The installation process can be a bit tricky, some knowledge of webapplications could be a plus.

What is the XBOX thumb feature in the config file?

Mediastork can automatically create a mini thumbnail for you media file and can be used on your xbox running xbmc or any other 3rd party application.



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